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12th WEEK:

Ariel Goldstein

Ariel Goldstein (UBA / CONICET / Argentina) talks about "The relationship between Argentina and Brazil". History and actuality. He is a doctor in Social Sciences by the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires and an assistant researcher at CONICET at the Institute of Latin American and Caribbean Studies. He was a professor of postgraduate studies in Social Sciences at the Faculty of Social Sciences (UBA) and is currently a professor of the Latin American Political Chair in the Political Science class. The latest publications include: Traditional press and popular leaders in Brazil (A Contracorriente, North Carolina State University, 2017), “The Press and Classical Populism in Argentina and Brazil” (Latin American Perspectives, May 2018) and “Bolsonaro. The democracy of Brazil in danger” (Marea Editorial, 2019).

Alvaro Adriazola Uribe

Alvaro Adriazola Uribe (UFBA / Chile) talks about "Brazil from a neighboring perspective". He is a PhD student in Diffusion of Knowledge, Universidad Federal de Bahia, Brazil. Teacher in Animal Science, Federal University of Bahia, Brazil. Degree in Veterinary Medicine, Universidad
Católica de Temuco, Chile.

Carlos Bonfim

Carlos Bonfim (UFBA / Brazil) talks about "Music in Greater Motherland: the rivers, songs, the fear". He is Pedro father, educator, cultural mediator, artivist. Doctor in Integration of Latin America by the University of São Paulo, he held a postdoctoral position at the Centro de Estudios Superiores de México y Centroamérica, at the Universidad de Ciencias y Artes in Chiapas, Mexico. Currently he works as a professor at the Humanities, Arts and Sciences Institute prof. Milton Santos, from the Federal University of Bahia, where he coordinates the Rede ao Redor project, a cartography of youth initiatives in art, communication and culture. From 2007 to 2017, he coordinated the Latitudes Latinas project - Latin American music and culture, which included a radio program, artistic festivals, workshops, courses, publications and several other cultural extension and dissemination actions. He is a member of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music (IASPM-AL) and has several works related to the arts and critical thinking in Abya Yala.


Debate with the participation of Miguel Ángel Contreras Natera (Universidad Central de Venezuela), Angelica Otazú (PRONII / CONICET / Paraguay) and Aldo Marchesi (Universidad de la República / Uruguay).


Moderation of Carlos Benítez Trinidad.

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