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9th WEEK:

Thomas Cauvin

Thomas Cauvin (C2DH/Luxembourg) speaks about “Rethinking Public History: the long-term impacts fo quarantine”. He the President of International Federation for
Public History. Author of “Public history: A Textbook of Practice”.

Bruno Leal

Professor Bruno Leal (UnB / Café História) talks about Is there a place in Scientific Dissemination for History? Founder and editor of Café História. He is an adjunct professor of Contemporary History at the Department of History at the University of Brasília (UnB) and at the Graduate Program in History at the same university.

Catalina Muñoz

Professor Catalina Muñoz (Universidad de los Andes- Bogotá) talks about “The role of history in transitional justice. She is Professor of the Department of History and Geography of the University of the Andes in Bogotá. Her work focuses on public uses of history to address contemporary social problems. Her current project explores the list of historians and historical knowledge in processes of transitional justice in the framework of the Colombian peace process.


Debate with the participation of Ricardo Santhiago (Unifesp /, Paulo Cesar Gomes (UFF / History of the Dictatorship) and Luiz Paulo Ferraz (Brown University / Open Air History).

Moderation Lucas Pedretti.

Debate Bis

Debate with the participation of Tanya Evans (Macquarie University), Li Na (Zhejiang University) and Pedro Terres (UFSC / History on Wiki).


Moderation Lucas Pedretti.

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