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14th WEEK:

Debate  - Literature

Debate with the participation of Eurídice Figueiredo (UFF), Sônia Bischain (writer) and Eliana Cruz (writer).

Mediation Natália Guerellus.

Debate - Cinema

Debate with the participation of Meize Lucas (UFC), Flávia Castro (filmmaker), Quentin Delaroche (filmmaker) and Victoria Alvares (filmmaker).


Mediation Moderation Lucas Pedretti.

Monica Avila

Monica Avila talks about "Music education as a transgressive practice of social transformation". She has a master degree in Music with an emphasis on music education by Unirio. Music teacher in elementary school. Saxophonist and flutist from the band Abayomy

Rodrigo dos Santos

Rodrigo dos Santos talks about "Who said dancing in Angola is good". He is an artist and researcher. Actor in theater, cinema and television, Master of Philosophy at UFRJ and Contramestre at Escola Ngoma de Capoeira Angola, he is interested, in these areas, in examining the living conditions of the black people, through an antipathetic view of the abuse of colonialism.

Performing Arts

Debate with the participation of Dandara Vital (actress), Cyro Morais (actor), Henrique Gusmão (UFRJ).

Mediation Paulo Cesar Gomes.

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