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7th WEEK:

Edson Kayapó

The Brazilian Professor Edson Kayapó (IFBA) talks about "The different garments of the “justice declared against indigenous peoples in Brazil". He is a Kayapó, born in the state of Amapá, an activist of the indigenous movement. He holds a PhD from the postgraduate program in Education: History, Politics, Society, at PUC-SP. He did a master degree in Social
History at PUC-SP. He has a degree in History from UFMG, with a post-graduation lato sensu (specialization) in History and Historiography of the Amazon, from Unifap (2000). He is currently an effective professor at the Federal Institute of Bahia (IFBA). He is the author of articles and books on the indigenous theme.

Juciene Ricarte

Professor Juciene Ricarte (UFCG) talks about "Reflecting on Historical Sources and interdisciplinary dialogues about indigenous peoples in research and teaching history". She has a degree in History from UEPB (1993), a master’s in history of Brazil from UFPE (1996), a PhD in History from UFPE and a Post-Doctorate from Universidade Nova de Lisboa. She is currently Associate Professor II and Professor of the Graduate Program in History at UFCG. Correspondent Researcher for eight years at the Humanities Center (CHAM), Universidade
Nova de Lisboa. He has experience in the field of ​​History, with an emphasis on the History of Colonial, Imperial Brazil, Ethnic Studies and Environmental History.

Giovani José da Silva

The Brazilian Professor Giovani José da Silva (Unifap) talks about "Indigenous People in the History of Brazil and the Americas". He holds a bachelor  degree and a master degree in history from UFMS, specialization in anthropology: theories and methods from UFMT and a doctorate in history from UFG. He was an adjunct professor at UFMS (2009-2013) and currently, since 2013, he is an adjunct professor at Unifap. He was a full collaborative researcher at DAN (Department of Anthropology) and a collaborating professor at the Professional Master in Sustainability with UnB Lands and Indigenous Peoples, where he did a post-doctoral internship in Anthropology (2012-2013). Between 2016 and 2017, he held a second post-doctorate in History at UFF. He is an advisor and consultant at ONHB - National Olympics in Brazilian History, since the 4th edition - 2012.


Debate with the participation of Rubens Valente (UOL), Carlos Trinidad (CHAM/UNL) and Vincent Carelli (anthropologist and filmmaker).


Moderation Lucas Pedretti.

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