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10th WEEK:

Abdeljalil Akkari

Professor Abdeljalil Akkari (University of Geneva) talks about "Paulo Freire, a possible way to rethink education in Africa". He holds a PhD in Educational Sciences from the University of Geneva where he serves as a professor and, currently, as director of the Faculty of Education (SSED). And postdoctoral fellow at the University of Baltimore (USA). He is a consultant for Unesco and other international organizations. Conducts studies on educational inequalities,
comparative education and connections between multicultural cultures and Education. He has several publications in Portuguese, including two books: “Internationalization of educational policies. Transformations and challenges; and “Intercultural education: challenges and possibilities”.

Debate Bis

Debate with the participation of Paolo Vittoria (University of Napoli), Diego Morollón (Institute Paulo Freire of Spain) and Luiza Cortesão (University of Porto. Institute Paulo Freire of Portugal). Moderation

Mélanie Toulhoat.

Diego Morollón

Professor Diego Morollón (Instituto Paulo Freire of Spain) talks about "Philosophy of Latin America in the pedagogy of Paulo Freire". He holds a PhD in Latin American Studies from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico, a researcher and collaborator at the Paulo Freire Institute in Spain. He is the author of the work “Philosophy of Latin America in the pedagogy of Paulo Freire”.


Debate with the participation of Iolanda Martins Teixeira (UFT), Sérgio Haddad (writer) and Paula Reis Melo (UFPE).


Moderation Lucas Pedretti.

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