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3rd WEEK:

Ivan Lima

The Brazilian historian Ivan Lima talks about “How songs tell the history of Brazil and become weapons of political resistance”. He is a researcher at the Center for Transdisciplinary Research “Culture Space and Memory” (CITCEM) and a PhD student in History at the University of Porto (Portugal). He studies the “singing of intervention” in Portugal and the relationship with protest music in Brazil and also is responsible for the page @oquecresciouvindo, about Brazilian Music.

Natália Guerellus

The Brazilian historian Natália Guerellus talks about "The mysterious story of the woman who wrote as a man”. She is a professor at the Lyon 3 University Jean Moulin, PhD in History at the Federal Fluminense University and Vice President of the Association pour la Recherche sur le Brésil en Europe (ARBRE), published the books “History and Historiography of Republican Brazil”, with the historian Fernanda Haag; “Did the old woman devour the girl? Rachel de Queiroz and politics in Brazil (1910-1964)”, and “Rule and Exception: Rachel de Queiroz and the Brazilian literary field”.

Wallace Andrioli

The Brazilian historian Wallace Andrioli talks about "Political cinema at the end of the military dictatorship". He has a degree in history from UFJF, a master and a PhD in history from UFF, a postdoctoral fellow from the UFJF History Graduate Program.


Debate with the participation of Mélanie Toulhoat (IHEAL - Paris), Ivan Lima Gomes (UFG) and Ivan Lima (CITCEM / University of Porto).

Moderation Lucas Pedretti.

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