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4th WEEK:

Érika Cardoso

The Brazilian teacher Érika Cardoso will talk about "Reflections on moral discourses in Brazil: modesty as a public agenda". She is a graduate, master and PhD in Social History by UFF, researcher linked to the Center for Contemporary Studies (NEC-UFF) and scientific director of APEB-Fr. She was a research fellow at the National Library Foundation. She has dedicated herself to the analysis of sexual representations and their relationship with the most widely disseminated moral discourses in Brazil and Europe, between the 19th and 20th centuries.

Maurício Brito

The Brazilian professor Maurício Brito talks about  "A real bacchanal, a stupid thing anti- communism, youth and dictatorship". He is a professor in the Department of History and the Graduate Program in Social History UFBA. Between April 2018 and March 2019, he did a post- doctoral internship at UFMG / University of Porto, researching Anti-communism, youth and dictatorship. He published the book Chapters of a history of the student movement at UFBA (1964-1969)" (EDUFBA, 2016).

Renan Quinalha

The Brazilian professor Renan Quinalha will speak about "Against morals and good customs: LGBTs in the Brazilian dictatorship". He is a professor of law at Unifesp, a lawyer and an activist in the field of human rights. Visiting professor at Unicamp (2018). He was a legal advisor to the São Paulo State Truth Commission and a consultant to the National Truth Commission for gender and sexuality issues. Visiting Research Fellow at Watson Institute at Brown University. He published the book “Justice of Transition: outlines of the concept” (Expressão Popular, 2013) and co-organized the works “Dictatorship and Homosexualities: repression, resistance and the search for the truth” (EdUFSCar, 2014) and History of the LGBT Movement in Brazil (Alameda, 2018).


Debate with the participation of Eliane Robert Moraes (USP), Ulisses Carrilho (EAV / Parque Lage) and James N.
Green (Brown University).

Moderation Lucas Pedretti.

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