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Edson Teles

Professor Edson Teles (Unifesp) talks about "Pandemic, authoritarianism and post-dictatorship democracy". He is a professor of Philosophy at the Federal University of São Paulo, where he coordinates the Center for Anthropology and Forensic Archeology (CAAF / Unifesp). He acts on the Committee of Family Members of the Political Dead and Missing of the Dictatorship.

Daniel Aarão Reis

Professor Daniel Aarão Reis (UFF) talks about "Democracy and the pandemic: risks and  threats". He is a professor of Contemporary History at UFF and a researcher at CNPq. Specialist in the history of socialist revolutions in the 20th century and of the left in Brazil, e is the author of several books and reference articles, among which “Military dictatorship, lefts and society” (Zahar, 2000) and the collection “The dictatorship that changed the Brazil” (Zahar, 2014).

Gabriela Aguila

Professor Gabriela Aguila (CONICET) talks about "State violence but all of the military dictatorships". PhD in History by the Universidad Nacional de Rosario. Independent Researcher of CONICET (with headquarters in ISHIR) with the project “The triggering representative in the province of Santa Fe among the dictatorships, 1966-1983. Representative devices, state and para-state agencies, local and regional circuits”. Professor of Contemporary Latin American and European History, School of History, UNR.


Debete with the participation of Rubens Casara (Jurist), Marina Franco (CONICET) and Lisandro Cañon (USC).

Moderation Lucas Pedretti.

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